Dell TP713 Wireless Multi Touchpad

Enter a new world with Win 8 touch

The Dell TP713 Wireless Multi Touchpad has been designed to give you an outstanding Windows 8® touch experience with easy swiping, smooth scrolling and a full surface touch experience; all wrapped up in a slim-line modern design that looks stylish in any workspace. This is the perfect product for use at home or work.

Key Messages

What they are


Full Touch

• Entire surface has touch capabilities
• Edge-to-edge swiping
• Precision Clicking
• Multi-touch capabilities
• Large touch surface
• Unlike other touchpads, this touchpad has touch functionalities that encompass the entire surface, offering more work space.
• The swiping and clicking functions of this touchpad allow for intuitive, natural gestures and clicks, which help users optimize Windows® 8 more than a traditional, non-touch mouse.
• The multi-touch capabilities allow users to use multiple fingers, while the touch surface is larger than a traditional notebook touch surface, allowing for more touch functions and a less crowded user experience.

Wireless, Clutter-Free Workspace

• RF wireless connectivity
• Nano Dongle
• Wireless connection allows for a desktop environment free from the restrictions and clutter of wires, offering more workspace flexibility

Progressive Design

• Slim-line touchpad with silver accents
• Designed to match KM713 keyboard/mouse combo design ID
• Low-profile looks with silver accent helps to create a stylish desktop experience
• When paired with the KM713 keyboard/mouse combo, the wireless touchpad helps to provide an optimized desktop experience.


• Win 7 System
• Win 8 System
• Gives those who are content with their Win 7 systems the chance to experience touch capabilities.

Users who prefer to use their laptop trackpad will have the freedom of a mouse with this larger more comfortable touchpad.

• Specially designed to enhance the Win 8 experience, maximising the use of Win 8 gestures in a convenient and natural way.

So how do the gestures work?

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