Dell WM713 Wireless Touch Mouse

Dell WM713 Wireless Touch Mouse


The Dell WM713 Wireless Touch Mouse is designed to offer the Windows® 8 touch experience through smooth touch functions, Bluetooth 3.0, optical tracking and an integrated battery.

The Dell WM713 Wireless Touch Mouse is an ideal solution for a high-precision, wireless Windows® 8 experience, designed to help you get more done, in more places. It features a progressive, minimalistic design with premium materials and smooth aluminum edging.

The mouse also features optical tracking designed for smooth tracking on almost any surface, an integrated rechargeable battery and Bluetooth 3.0.

Key Features & Benefits

•       Customizable Touch Functions

The customizable touch functions allow users to program the mouse in the way that they prefer.


•       Precision Optical Tracking

The optical tracking allows for smooth tracking on virtually any surface and provides quick response times and accurate clicking.


•       Wireless Connectivity

Experience a clutter-free workspace with wireless performance that allows you to have the Windows® 8 touch experience, but without the cords that may interfere with your workspace and create chaos. The freedom from wires also helps to create more flexible workspaces, helping you get more done in whatever space you call your workspace.


•       Integrated Rechargeable Battery

The integrated battery helps you work without the worries of having enough power, since you can easily charge the mouse through your computer’s USB port, while also eliminating the need to buy batteries for your mouse.


•       Designed for Comfort and Productivity

Designed for comfort to allow users to work or play for long periods.


•       Ease of use

The mouse  is easy to set up. Simply pair your Bluetooth 3.0-enabled computer with the mouse and you are off and running.


Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0

Tracking Sensor: Optical

Cursor Tracking Speed: 1,000 dpi

Buttons: 2

Colour and finish: Black with silver accents

Dimensions (HxLxW): 24.9 x 108.1 x 58.4 mm

Weight: 112g

Battery: Integrated. Rechargeable via USB

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