Fiat Stilo hidden features

Only found the “secret” glove box because we could hear the cd changer working but didn’t know where the changer was!

Kids love the door into the boot via the arm rest.

And the drinks holder that pulls out the front of it.

I found that if you tug hard enough in search of the under-seat drawer, the trim pops off

Also have the ‘shopping bag hook’ in the boot. It’s under the left rear shelf support. I test-drove a different 3-dr Abarth of the previous year to mine, and it had a 12V power socket there. I wonder if the wires are nearby, it would be a convenient source for a (low-power) subwoofer amp. Maybe the socket was only fitted to the versions with the tire sealant/compressor instead of a spare wheel?


You got the draws under your front seats


Did you know, that if your remote batteries run low, the car will tell you to change them?


Another feature which I activated when i got the car was the auto door lock when pulling away. Nice anti jacking device.


If you select reverse and then indicate to a side (e.g. left), do the mirrors go down? Pretty sure that’s a feature with Comfort Pack 1.


Also the clips in the spare wheel bay designed to hold a warning triangle.


Inside the passengers compartment, at a similar place to bonnet release handle on the other side there’s a rubber button with push on it facing upwards – fuel cut off.


Do we all know that under the driver’s side mats (both of them) is a little compartment for hiding keys and money etc?


Just found out that you can adjust the armrest.


On the 3dr Stilo if you collapse the rear seats and if you rise them again you could notice, that there’s a small hole near the level, which shows black when the seats are locked and turns red if they are not.


The clima control’s compressor is turning itself off automatically when the outside temperature is below 3 degrees.


After the radio has been switched on, press buttons ‘3’ (B) and ‘6 RND’ © at the same time to activate the acoustic self test function at the speakers. The test is carried out individually for each audio channel sending ‘high’ and ‘low’ tones. The writing corresponding to the speaker selected will appear on the radio display.

E.g. LF WOOFER SPEAKER (left front Woofer speaker)

Each time the writing appears on the display, check that the acoustic signal for the speaker being tested shown on the display can be heard. then press the ‘>>’ button (D) to continue the check at the other sound sources.

Diagnosis of short circuit (audio channels and radio aerial) and open circuits (radio aerial).

Press buttons ‘3’ (B) and ‘6 RND’ © at the same time. The acoustic test at the speakers has started. Press button ‘6 RND’ © again and check that the words ‘SHORT CIRCUIT – OK’ appear on the display.

If there is a short circuit at one or more of the speakers, a list of components will appear on the display with an X at the side indicating the faulty speaker. The presence of a mark indicates that the channel(s) is(are) not short circuited.

LF = left front audio channel

RF – right front audio channel

LR = left rear audio channel

RR = right rear audio channel

X = audio channel short circuited

Mark = audio channel not short circuited

Where several faults are present at the same time, the respective signals will be shown on the displayed alternately (rolling) lasting around 2 seconds for each message.

If the words ‘AERIAL: GND SHORT’ appear, this indicates a short cirtcuit to earth at the radio aerial intake;

If the words AERIAL: BATT. SHORT’ appear, this indicates a short circuit to the battery positive at the radio aerial intake;

If the words ‘AERIAL: OPEN CCT’ appear, this indicates an open circuit to the radio aerial intake.

Pentru 1: Comms Test-Pass

Pentru 2: CDC-No Connected

Pentru 3: Signal Strengh-0,2 V (peste 1V trebuie)

Pentru 4: Checksum-Pass

Pentru 5: au fost afisate toate simbolurile de pe ecran

Pentru 6: Short Circuit-OK

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